Fund title: Exeter City Futures: Spacehive

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support crowdfunding for local project ideas that improve congestion and energy use

Application deadline:

1 September 2018

Fund description:

Exeter City Futures has developed a crowdfunding initiative on Spacehive to support projects that have been designed by community groups and individuals to address local problems around congestion and energy use.

This is a pilot initiative to support projects that encourage people to think about their local environment, remove the barriers to walking and cycling, improve access to outdoor activities or promote energy reduction. This could be anything from setting up car-free days, creating outdoor play areas or high-tech energy monitoring solutions. Priority will be given to projects that help to reduce congestion and energy consumption.

To get involved, groups and individuals need to set up a project page on Spacehive and start their crowdfunding campaign.  Exeter City Futures is keen to support small, grass-roots projects that get people involved and make a big difference. There will be support and advice from Exeter City Futures to help communities and individuals develop their project ideas.

In addition, Spacehive projects linked to Exeter City Futures will have the opportunity to pitch for support through the Impact Fund. This offers up to £1,000 for any individual project and there is up to £50,000 available.

Further information: