Fund title: European Maritime & Fisheries Fund: Blue Economy

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Grants up to €1m for innovative projects to preserve marine ecosystems, develop maritime skills and support the maritime economy.

Application deadline:

31 January 2019

Fund description:

As part of the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFF) this call aims to accelerate the development and implementation of the EU Maritime Policy and the sustainable development of the blue economy across Europe. There are three strands:

Blue Labs – to develop and pilot innovative technologies, products and services that preserve marine resources and ecosystems. Projects must fall within one of the following themes:

  • micro-organisms to tackle marine issues eg. pollution
  • unexploded ordnances at sea
  • innovative marina and leisure boat design
  • marine bio-mass and blue bio-economy
  • ecofriendly aquaculture

Blue Careers – innovative approaches to strengthen the cooperation between industry and education in order to bridge the gap between skills’ offer and demand. The themes are:

  • innovative teaching and training to boost entrepreneurial skills
  • promoting collaboration between industry and education/training
  • networks to develop skills ecosystems at sea basin level

Blue Economy grants – to support demonstration projects based on innovative technologies testing/deploying/scaling-up of new industrial or service applications and solutions for the blue economy

For Blue Labs and Blue Careers, applications need to come from a partnership of at least two legal entities from two different countries; for Blue Economy grants, applications should be from a single profit-making legal entity or a partnership comprising at least one profit-making business. (Note that the EU grant must not generate a profit).

There is a total budget of €18.7m for this call. The maximum grant is €1m which can account for up to 80% of total project costs (65% for Blue Economy).

Further information: