Fund title: Europe for Citizens: town twinning

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To encourage co-operation between European towns and promote civic participation at EU level

Application deadline:

1 September 2017

Fund description:

Applications can be made under the Europe for Citizens programme for EU funding to support town twinning and networks of twin towns:

Town twinning
Towns/municipalities or their twinning committees or other non-profit organisations representing local authorities can apply for up to €25,000 for activities which encourage exchanges between citizens of twinned towns. Projects should involve towns from at least two different countries.

Networks of twin towns
To encourage towns to work together on a common theme by organising a range of activities relating to the selected area of interest. Projects should involve towns from at least four different countries. Grants can be up to €150,000. Town twinning committees, local authorities and local authority associations can apply.

Further information: