Fund title: EU Interreg Programmes

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To develop international collaborative projects in innovation, sustainability and inclusion. North West Europe programme Project Ideas Lab in London on 28 February 2018.

Application deadline:


Fund description:

Devon has access to funding from five separate Interreg programmes which support co-operation and sharing of good practice between European regions. Our Interreg programmes broadly cover activities relating to research and innovation, low carbon economy, environment & resource efficiency, adapting to climate change and social inclusion.

Projects need to be genuinely transnational – establishing a network or shared approach, or developing a joint product or service.

As we approach Brexit and the end of the current EU budget cycle, 2014-2020, some of the Interreg programmes are announcing the timescales for ‘final calls’ for project proposals. For anyone interested in participating in a transnational project, now is your chance!

France (Channel) England – for co-operation between areas of England and France bordering the English Channel. The priorities are to: support innovation; support the transition to a low-carbon economy; enhance and protect the area’s natural and cultural heritage; ensure balanced and inclusive development.

Now using an open call system: next deadline is 18 January 2018

Atlantic Area – for co-operation between regions along Europe’s Atlantic coasts. The priorities are to: stimulate innovation and competitiveness; foster resource efficiency; strengthen risk management systems; and enhance biodiversity and natural/cultural assets.

Guillaume Le Palud is the UK contact point for the Atlantic Area.

2 Seas – to promote co-operation between the coastal regions of NE France, southern & eastern England, Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands (south coastal area).

Call 6 will be the final call for proposals: Step 1 opens 1 February 2018 and closes 2 May 2018. Half the EU budget is still available so it’s a good opportunity to apply for a grant for one of the priority topics. Find out more

North West Europe – the whole of the UK and Ireland are included in the North West Europe programme along with Belgium, Luxembourg and parts of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

A Project Ideas Lab in London on 28 February 2018 will help applicants prepare for the next NWE call which opens on 26 March 2018 and closes 26 April 2018. Information and advice is available from the UK contact point

Interreg Europe – this programme covers the whole of the EU plus Norway and Switzerland.

It is anticipated that the fourth call for project proposals will open in April and close in mid June 2018.


Further information:

see separate links for each programme