Fund title: Erasmus+ funding for schools in 2018

Focus of fund/fund aims:

EU funding for school partnerships and professional development for school staff

Application deadline:

1 February 2018 (School Staff mobility) 21 March 2018 (School Partnerships)

Fund description:

Schools in the UK have access to €30m of EU funding in 2018 through the Erasmus+ programme. The funding is available to support a range of international activities that can develop key skills in both teachers and pupils, enhance the curriculum, and support education policy priorities.

Activities include international partnership exchanges; professional development through training, teaching placements or job shadowing in other European countries; and strategic partnerships to develop and share approaches in key policy areas such as language learning, digital skills, entrepreneurship, attainment and inclusion.

The main opportunities for schools to participate are:

Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnerships – to support both pupil and teacher exchanges between schools from different European countries. Pupils of any age can visit another country for as little as three days at a time, and pupils aged over fourteen can stay for up to a year. There is a bigger budget for 2018 and a simplified application process.
Apply by 21 March 2018

Strategic Partnerships for School Education – for innovation or exchange of practice between networks of education organisations including schools, universities, colleges and local authorities
Apply by 21 March 2018

School Staff Mobility Funding – for study courses, observation, job shadowing, training, and teaching abroad
Apply by 1 February 2018

The UK National Agency for Erasmus+ offers information and advice about the programme including events, programme guides and access to resources for finding partner schools in other countries.

Further information: