Fund title: Erasmus+ – EU funding for education, training, youth & sport

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support organisations actively involved in delivering formal and non-formal education and training, youth and sport activities.

Application deadline:

various - depending on type of project

Fund description:

UK organisations wishing to participate in international education exchanges and initiatives in 2018 can apply for EU funding from the Erasmus+ programme: the government has guaranteed that successful Erasmus+ applications which are submitted while the UK is still a Member State, even if they are not approved until after we leave, can continue beyond the point of exit.

Erasmus+ integrates all sectors of education, and applications can be made by further and higher education institutions and schools as well as vocational education, adult education and youth organisations actively involved in delivering formal and non-formal education, training and youth work. Organisations delivering sporting activities can also apply.

The main opportunities for schools to participate in 2018 are summarised here.

There is plenty of guidance and support available through the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ including details of the different strands of the programme, advice on how to apply and deadline dates. Whether you are applying for the first time, or have applied in previous years, if your organisation is based in the UK and applying for Erasmus+ funding in 2018, there is a range of information and support to help you prepare, including webinars and one-to-one telephone sessions.

Erasmus+ provides funding for students and educators to participate in international study, work, training, teaching and volunteering opportunities.  There are three different types of projects, known as Key Actions:

  • learning mobility for individuals – this is is for activities which provide opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness
  • co-operation & innovation – to help organisations to work together on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices in education, training and youth provision across Europe
  • policy reform – for activities which support and facilitate the modernisation of education and training systems

The Erasmus+ Programme also supports co-operation and activities in grassroots sport through funding for collaborative partnerships and not-for-profit European sports events.

Applications will only be accepted from organisations – individuals are not eligible to apply for grants, although informal groups of young people who are active in youth work may apply to some of the youth-related parts of the Erasmus+ programme.

Further information: