Fund title: Erasmus+ 2019: innovation and exchange of good practice

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support innovation in higher education and business and to align vocational education and training systems with labour market needs.

Application deadline:

28 February 2019

Fund description:

Erasmus+ provides EU grants for activities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. The programme includes funding for co-operation to encourage innovation and exchange of good practice, with two new calls now open as part of the 2019 Erasmus+ Work Programme:

Knowledge Alliances: to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity and foster innovation in higher education and business. The Knowledge Alliance must involve a minimum of six independent organisations from at least three countries, and include at least two higher education institutions and at least two enterprises.

The maximum EU contribution for a two-year Knowledge Alliance is €700,000. The maximum EU contribution for a three-year Knowledge Alliance is €1 million.

Knowledge Alliance: Information and 2019 call

Sector Skills Alliances: to tackle skills gaps in a specific sector by (1) identifying existing or future skills needs in that sector, (2) developing vocational training to respond to skills needs or (3) implementing a new strategic approach to co-operating on skills within the sector.

Activities need to cover a sector with clear imbalances, which have been identified as:
• manufacturing and engineering
• commerce
• information and communication technology
• environmental technology
• cultural and creative sectors
• health care, and
• tourism.

The Sector Skills Alliance must cover at least four countries and include at least eight full partners, out of which at least three are companies, industry or sector representatives (eg chambers or trade associations), and at least three are education and training providers.

Grants vary according to type and length of project, up to €4m for a four-year strategic Sector Skills Alliance.

Sector Skills Alliance –  Information and 2019 call

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