Fund title: Children in Need

Focus of fund/fund aims:

For projects which support disadvantaged children and young people

Application deadline:

Next Deadlines - Main Grants: 16 January 2018. Small Grants: 1 December 2017

Fund description:

Children in Need grants are for not-for-profit organisations which work with disadvantaged children and young people in the UK who are aged 18 years and under.

Grants are available for projects which make a difference in the lives of children and young people who are experiencing disadvantage through:

  • illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  • any kind of disability
  • behavioural or psychological difficulties
  • living in poverty or situations of deprivation

There are two grants programmes:

Small Grants – up to and including £10,000 to support projects for one year

Main Grants – over £10,000 per year to support projects for up to three years

Funding is only available for direct project costs

Further information: