Lead authority Study, design or work 2018/19 DCC contribution
2018/19 DCC flood prevention
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Flood Risk Management Team DCC


 – Resources required to deliver the Flood Risk Management functions as the Lead Local Flood Authority and Statutory Consultee for SuDS.
Miscellaneous Expenditure 25,000  –  – Meetings, venues, subscriptions, printing and internal recharges etc.
Minor Works and Improvements DCC / Others W  50,000  – Delivery of minor flood improvement works, subject to resources and in accordance with the DCC priority list and opportunities with other Risk Management Authorities (Beeson, South Pool and Broadhempston)
Minor Flood Investigations/Studies DCC / Others S  50,000  – Delivery of flood investigations, surveys and studies, subject to resources. Priority areas include (Buckfastleigh and Woodbury Salterton)
Property Level Reilience DCC / Others W  50, 000  – 70,000 Allocation of funds to support Property Level Protection Grants and supported with additional Flood Defence Grant in Aid and Local Levy
DCC Highway related flood improvements DCCH W  30,000  – Contributions from the FRM budget to support various minor highway improvement works where the risk of flooding to property can be reduced
Community Resilience and support DCC W 20,000  – To provide assistance to communities for the delivery and provision of Flood Resilience Measures
North Devon Nature Improvement Area NIA W/S  20,000  – DCC contribution to support the Culm Grassland Project and benefits of Natural Flood Management
Natural Land Management DCC / Others W/S  50,000  – To develop best practice and progress opportunities for delivering natural flood risk management techniques in partnership with other RMAs and key stakeholders.