SENDSupport Funding (previously Early Years Action Plus Funding EYAPF) Reviews and Applications for Summer Panel Meeting

Following the Government funding review, an area identified for consideration was for Local Authorities to establish an Inclusion Fund. Devon County Council already provides an inclusion fund through the SEND Support funding process.

As you are aware Devon County Council are currently consulting on the way that the SEND Support Funding is allocated to providers. This is because feedback has identified that the current approach to accessing funding is burdensome and bureaucratic and that it does not allow providers to manage inclusion effectively or meet the needs of children quickly and responsively.

We are aware that providers will currently be considering reviews for current funding and applications for funding to support children in the Autumn term. We do not want providers to undertake paperwork which may be unnecessary however as timescales do not allow us to have a clear outcome of the consultation prior to deadlines for the funding applications, we have considered several options but feel that the best way forward is as follows.


  • All reviews to be submitted as normal so that funding for summer term can be released.
  • Those children who will not be starting school will be given an allocation of hours which will be adjusted to the new funding approach if appropriate.
  • Providers will be notified of their allocations as soon as the funding consultation has closed and agreement on what the approach to SEN Support Funding in Devon will be.

New applications

  • Providers should submit new applications for children for whom they can clearly evidence the need for significantly individualised support to ensure the child’s progress. It may help to discuss this with your Early Years Consultant.
  • Providers will be notified at the end of June that further applications for children with lower level needs can be made if the consultation and subsequent outcomes show that devolved funding is NOT the preferred option.
  • Providers will be notified in June if applications have been successful or not for funding in the Autumn term
  • Providers will be notified in July as to the whether your payment will be based on an hourly rate or a lump sum.

If you have any queries regarding reviews or applications please contact your Early Years Consultant or