LGBT Staff Network

dcclgbtrasterDevon County Council Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender plus (LGBT+) staff network

We are a self-organised staff group for Devon County Council and partners including New Devon CCG that identify as LGBT+. We exist to promote diversity within the workplace, tackle isolation that some colleagues experience and be a critical friend advocating LGBT+ equality.

We are not just a resource for individuals that identify as LGBT+ but for the whole organisation.

Following a report and consultation exercise between 2003 and 2004, the Devon County Council Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (DCCLGBT) staff network was set up in 2005 as part of Devon County Council’s commitment to reducing inequalities and valuing people.

Watch our video to find out about the network and the pledge signed by the leadership group.

How you can get involved

  • Please help us promote the network by printing our poster and pinning it to a notice board near you (if you work for DCC or NEW Devon CCG or any of our other partners including Libraries Unlimited).
  • Join the network by emailing us at or with your name, whether you are a full (identify as LGBT+) or ally/friend member, and which organisation you work for. It doesn’t cost you anything and means you’ll keep up to date with what the network is up to.
  • Attend meetings of the network to discuss progress and get involved with projects, small one off tasks, running the group or just coming along to give your input. Your confidentiality will be respected and you can be involved as little or as much as suits you. Meetings are usually held outside core time, include refreshments, and travel and expenses can be claimed.

How we can help services: consulting the network

We are able to contribute to equality impact and needs assessments (where relevant to sexual orientation and transgender issues) and promote best practice in services delivery such as health and social care. A key role of the network is to promote good practice on LGB/T+ issues within the council and our affiliated partner organisations, including NHS Devon. If you would like to consult the network on new or existing service delivery, policies or projects please contact us directly or via the Corporate Equality Officer.

Sign the DCC LGBT+ Staff Pledge

In May 2017, our Chief Executive, Strategic Directors, and Heads of Services renewed their commitment by signing our pledge to LGBT+ staffAll Managers and staff are encouraged to download a blank pledge to LGBT+ staff and, within your teams, show your commitment by together signing the pledge and displaying it around your office/on your notice boards.

Contact the network

If you would like to contact or consult the network, join the network, attend our social events or find out more about the network itself, please get in touch.

We are a ‘joint network’ and welcome membership of staff from partner organisations as well as teachers and school support staff in Devon. Sometimes setting up a network can be challenging if you are a small organisation and it can make more sense to join a larger network. If your organisation is interested in setting up a network by joining dcclgbt please get in touch.

Your call or email will be collected and responded to by an LGBT staff network member and treated in confidence.

Useful documents

The dcclgbt staff network is governed by terms of reference agreed at the creation of the network, and periodically updated.

Promote the network by printing our poster.

Something for everyone – Our Insider article (29 October 2014)

Devon County Council has published an LGBT Toolkit to help organisations and services be LGBT+ friendly.

Take a look at the group’s 2013/4 Report to find out what they have been up to.

Between September and November 2003, DCC ran a series of confidential focus groups to explore LGBT+ employees experiences. The documents that comprise the report are the Main Report and Appendices.

DCC Staff holding up a rainbow flag smiling