Environmental policy


The Devon County Council Environmental Policy outlines the organisation’s environmental objectives and demonstrates its commitment to managing the environmental impacts of its operations and improving its environmental performance.

Implementing the policy


Our Energy Policy Strategy and Action Plan commits the authority to reduce its energy consumption from corporate buildings, street lighting and transport by at least 2% per year to achieve a 30% reduction from 2012/13 levels by 2030, together with providing 30% of remaining energy consumption from renewable sources by the same date. The total package will reduce carbon emissions by about 50%.


The Corporate Waste Management Policy documents the Authority’s intention to continue engaging all staff to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. A significant part of the action plan is to improve data about how much waste is produced and how it is managed.


The Sustainable Environmental Procurement Policy renews the authority’s commitment to ensuring environmental risks and opportunities are considered at the outset of procurement activity.  The action plan majors on raising awareness of this commitment at all levels of the organisation and re-launching the sustainable procurement impact assessment tool.

Countryside and heritage

The Countryside and Heritage Policy looks to enhance the Authority’s project appraisal processes to improve outcomes for environmental issues (such as wildlife, landscape and historic assets), reduce legislative and reputational risk for the authority and demonstrate community leadership on issues such as ash dieback. The action plan’s focus is on enhancing specific processes by making appropriate data and expertise available at key points to influence a project’s design in a positive, collaborative fashion between project managers and environmental specialists.

How are we doing?

Progress against the environmental objectives of the Environmental Policy are reported in the annual Environmental Performance Statement which includes a detailed Greenhouse Gas Report. We’ve also produced this infographic to illustrate how we’re doing.