How you can prepare

Every resident, visitor and business can take simple actions to improve their resilience to a changing climate.


As an individual, you can find out how to help protect you and your family from heat waves by taking advice from the NHS.

Advice on action to take before, during and after flood events is available from the Devon County Council Flood Emergencies pages.


It’s important that businesses identify how the likely changes in climate will affect their operations and put plans in place to enhance their resilience. Businesses can find out more about the expected impacts of climate change on particular economic sectors from
Climate South West.

Why not complete the free Business Resilience Health Check?

The tool was developed in partnership with Business in the Community, Climate UK and Climate Ready to help businesses become more resilient to the risks they will face both now and in the future and ensure that they can continue to operate as usual in the face of potential disruption. It is an interactive onlinetool that usesa multiple choice questionnaire to promptusers to think about the different genericaspects of their business and identifying their vulnerability in extreme weather events. The output from the tool is a personal action plan that suggests which actions should take priority in order for the organisation to become more resilient.