Safer Devon Partnership

The Safer Devon Partnership aims to work together to enable the people of Devon to feel and be safe in their homes and communities. Partners include all four of the Community Safety Partnerships in the County, the police, fire and rescue service, clinical commissioning groups, Public Health, Police and Crime Commissioner, Probation Service and the Youth Offending Service.

The vision for the Safer Devon Partnership is to ensure Devon’s communities are places where people:

  • feel, and are safe from crime and anti-social behaviour
  • feel, and are safe from abuse, discrimination and harassment
  • have a sense of belonging to their local neighbourhood and/or “community of interest”
  • have access to a range of support services in relation to community safety
  • identify key community safety issues/concerns and contribute to shaping the solutions to these.

Be Curious

The Be Curious campaign aims to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE), modern slavery and violent extremism in Devon.

  • Devon Strategic Assessment

    The Devon Strategic Assessment is updated annually and provides an update on crime trends and partners progress so that the Crime & Safety Partnerships are informed.

  • Our purpose

    The Partnership Board is made up of representatives of the partners and has the following purpose and guiding principles:

    • to provide the strategic leadership for addressing community safety matters across Devon
    • to provide a focus for addressing issues that will enable the people of Devon to feel and be safe in their homes and communities
    • to fulfil the requirements of the Crime and Disorder Act
    • to commission the strategic analysis and assessment of crime and anti-social behaviour across the communities of Devon
    • to develop a plan for Devon reflecting the strategic assessment
    • to ensure that partner agencies share information at the appropriate level of seniority, so that related strategies, policies and operations of individual agencies are joined up
    • to consider an appropriate response to emerging concerns not included in the Strategic Assessment
    • to provide the governance for Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) as they are required in the County
    • to take the lead on implementing the Government’s PREVENT strategy in Devon.
    • to assess the effectiveness of activity and services, and evaluate where further action should be targeted
    • to manage the Partnership’s budget so that resources are directed to where they are most needed, and to monitor outcomes ensuring best value from the investment
    • to engage with the Police and Crime Commissioner to influence and inform policy and funding issues.

  • Strategic Plan

    The Safer Devon Partnership has developed a strategic plan for the period 2014–17. The plan can be found here along with the summary of the commitments made by the Board to target its priorities.

  • Peninsular partnership

    With colleagues working in Community Safety Partnerships across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly a Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA) for 2014/15 has been produced. The PSA provides a picture of the challenges for Community Safety in the Peninsula, identifies the priorities for the partners working in this area, and explains some of the work that is being done to address issues by CSPs.

  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs)

    DHRs were introduced by government in April 2011. The definition of a DHR is ‘a review of the circumstances in which the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by:

    (a) a person to whom he was related or with whom he was or had been in an intimate personal relationship, or

    (b) a member of the same household as himself, held with a view to identifying the lessons to be learnt from the death.’

    The purpose of a DHR is to:

    • establish what lessons are to be learned from the domestic homicide regarding the way in which local professionals and organisations work individually and together to safeguard victims
    • identify clearly what those lessons are both within and between agencies, how and within what timescales they will be acted on, and what is expected to change as a result
    • apply these lessons to service responses including changes to policies and procedures as appropriate
    • prevent domestic violence homicide and improve service responses for all domestic violence victims and their children through improved intra and inter-agency working.

    In Devon, DHRs are led by the Safer Devon Partnership.

    Since April 2011, five DHRs have been completed and the executive summaries of these reviews are available here:

  • Other useful information

    The Safer Devon Partnership believes that people in Devon have the right to go about their daily lives without fear. We believe that this right applies to everyone living in Devon, irrespective of where they have come from, and irrespective of their faith or their race. We want Devon to be a County free of prejudice and discrimination – a County where opportunities are open to all.

    The BME Service Directory offers a practical guide to local services. The first section, which lists more than thirty voluntary and community sector groups across the County, is a testament both to our diversity and to the active citizenship in our communities. The second section, with details of public agencies and initiatives, is a reflection of the positive way that local service providers have been responding to change.

    The introduction to Community Safety Partnerships is intended to be a guide to each of the CSPs and to explain a little of their work. There is also an explanation of the geographic coverage of each of the partnerships.