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Budget Preparation 18: MFG and MpPF fix (please read)

HCSS have released a mandatory update to the system which will enable schools to amend their MFG and MpPF fields on the School Budget Share page. To edit those fields, click the drop-down box on the far right-hand side and …

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Funding 43: School Budget Share Calculator 2019/20 DEF Outcomes

We have uploaded a revised version of the School Budget Share Calculator to the consultation page of our website to reflect the decision made at the recent Devon Education Forum meeting around the transfer of 0.5% to the High Needs …

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Funding 42: Teachers’ Pay Award Grant Adjustment

The Teachers’ Pay Award Grant for the period September 2018 to March 2019 has been revised.

In the original allocation tables, a double-counting issue affected pupil numbers in reception classes. This meant that pupil numbers for some schools were too …

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Budget Preparation 17: HCSS New Financial Year Open

Financial Year

Financial Year 2019/20 is now available in HCSS Budgeting (now called Access Education – Budgets).

You can switch between Financial Years via the Manage Budgets page, using the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner.


If …

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Funding 41: Update Regarding Teachers’ Pay Grant Allocations

Please see the below link for the most recent information from the ESFA in relation to the Teachers’ Pay Grant, including the following update:

“We have become aware that there is a double-counting issue affecting pupil numbers in reception classes

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Funding 40: Extra Funding

Following the recent announcement in the Autumn Budget Statement for an extra £400m for schools in England – we now have further information which can be found at:

It is essential that the funds be treated as Capital and …

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Funding 39: Teachers Pay Grant Payment to Schools

DCC has now received the Teachers Pay Grant from the ESFA. The 2018/19 allocation for each Devon Maintained School will be pushed out in the next C£ASS run (14th November).

The methodology, and allocation breakdown can be found on the …

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Funding 38: Schools Funding Consultation 2019/20 – deadline

A final reminder that the deadline for submitting responses to the current Consultation is midnight tonight.…

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Funding 36: Schools Funding Consultation 2019/20

Just a gentle reminder that the deadline for submitting responses to the current Consultation is midnight on the 12th October 2018.…

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Funding 35: Schools Budget Share Calculator – for Consultation Purposes

All, an SBS calculator has been made available on the Consultation Finance pages for use with the Consultation process. However, please note these are only indicative figures, and uses October 2017 census data.…

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