Closedown 17/18 7: Mutual Fund March Deadline

Just a reminder that the deadline for any Mutual Fund claims relating to March is today (23rd March), please make sure that all claims have been submitted before the close of play today.

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Administration 43: 2016/17 Benchmark Data Now Available

The School Finance Team have been advised that DfE have published the 2016/17 benchmark data. For more information and to see how your school compares, please visit the Schools Financial Benchmarking website.


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Closedown 17/18 6: Lease Review Deadline

Please note that the Lease review deadline was Friday 16th and to date we have had a 54% return rate.

Where we hold details centrally these were sent out last week to the admin mailboxes to be checked and …

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Closedown 17/18 5: P11d Submission

All schools were reminded back on the 12th February via the Education Finance Blog that they were required to submit a P11d form back to the LA on or before 29th March, however to date a number of schools have …

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Administration 42: SchoolComms System

A new Desktop version of SchoolComms will be available for your school to download from the 26th of March.

This SchoolComms version will be GDPR compliant and so must be the version used by all customer schools by May 25th.…

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Closedown 17/18 4: Year End Tasks and Deadline 2017-18 – Update

Following on from the close-down blog 2, we’ve had to move the SCRAPS submissions deadline one day forward, from 29th March to the close of play 28th March. This is to ensure that any errors which may occur can …

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Closedown 17/18 3: Lease Review – Year End

Just a quick note to say that the lease reviews have been sent out to the schools general email account. If your school has not received anything then it means that there is no central record of any leases active …

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Budget Preparation 14: HCSS Back Working

The School Finance Team have had it confirmed that the error that schools encountered with HCSS Budgeting this morning has now been fixed. You should be able to log-in and continue updating your budget plan scenarios as per usual.…

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Budget Preparation 13: HCSS Currently Unavailable

It has come to our attention that HCSS Budgeting is currently unavailable and although you may be able to log-in, any changes you make will not be saved.

HCSS are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

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Budget Preparation 12: Revised SBS Calculator

A revised SBS Calculator has been uploaded to the Finance webpages, as an error has been found in the calculation of the Secondary Prior Attainment for the 2019/20 Financial Year. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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