Governance and Compliance 53: Spring FRS Return

The Spring FRS report for all maintained schools stating their end of year position for 2016/17 (period 13) is now due.

If you haven’t already submitted your report, please can you make sure that your period 13 FRS report is …

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General 78: Devolved Formula Capital Announcements

Further to the blog entry sent 20th April, the DFC allocations have been posted on the website.

I will endeavour to send a personalised budget allocation (as per previous years) in due course, but to enable the …

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Apprenticeship Levy 1: Schools’ 0.5% Charge


You will be aware that the Apprenticeship Levy has been introduced by Government from April 2017 and there has been guidance sent out by HR via Schools Communications on how this will work for schools of all types.

Initial …

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Monitoring & Reporting 50: Consistent Financial Reporting 2017-18

During the last week of March 2017 the Department for Education (DfE) published guidance relating to Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) for the financial year 2017-18. You can access the updated information on the Schools Finance Webpages. This is for …

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General 77: Important Communication re: Pension Costs for Non-Teaching Staff

Please be aware that a letter from Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning, and Mary Davis, County Treasurer re: Pensions has been sent out through the schools communication website for the attention of the Headteacher and Business Manager of …

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General 76: Accessing Devon County Council’s Apprenticeship Levy Fund

A new update has been received from HR with regards to the apprenticeship levy and has been published on the School Communication website. This message however, only applies to Community and Voluntary Controlled schools who are paying into Devon County …

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Budget Preparation 4: Support Staff (NJC) Pension Rate in HCSS Budgeting

It has been brought to our attention that the planned increase to the Support Staff (NJC) Pension rate to 23.3% from 19.75% has not been included in HCSS Budgeting. An update will shortly be rolled out for the schools to

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Monitoring & Reporting 49: Devolved Formula Capital 2017/18

Devon has just been informed that the Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) allocations for 2017/18 will not be published until June 2017. As a result we will be unable to provide schools with a figure with which to plan their capital …

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General 75: Cash/Cheque Banking

Revenue have received  several banking slips marked “NEW YEAR INCOME”  but  the income has been banked before 31st March. Therefore, the income will have been allocated to the “OLD YEAR”, as Revenue have no way of rolling over new …

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General 74: FPS Charge Error

Apologies, charges have been raised for the FPS Links and Licences but the incorrect amount has been used. Reversals will be raised and the new correct charges will be as follows.

FPS Licence – £437.06

FPS Link – £200…

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