Guide: Post-16 transport

Designated establishments

There are two main types of establishments serving students who are over the compulsory school age: sixth forms and Further Education (FE) colleges.

Where the school serving the home address has a sixth form, this school is the designated post 16 establishment. However, if a student has attended the nearest school to their home address in Year 11, rather than their designated school, transport assistance may be available to this school provided the student meets the normal eligibility criteria.

Where there is no sixth form serving the area, the FE college is the designated establishment.

If a student intends to follow an entirely vocational Post-16 course and this, or a similar course, is not available at the designated sixth form then they will be eligible for transport to their designated FE college.

To find out your designated establishment please ring 0345 155 1019.

It is essential that post 16 students check their transport eligibility with the School Transport Team on 0345 155 1019 before opting for a particular establishment.