Paying for childcare

Higher Education

The Childcare Grant
Available for students with children up to age 15 (17 if they have special needs) to help with childcare costs. The income assessed grant pays 85% of childcare costs and the maximum you can get is £159.59 per week for one child and £273.60 for two or more children in the 2017 to 2018 academic year. The amount you’ll get depends on your household income, the cost of your childcare and the number of children who are dependent on you.  More information at

Parents’ Learning Allowance
Full-time students may be eligible to apply for the Parents’ Learning Allowance in addition to the Childcare Grant. The grant supports course-related costs such as childcare, travel, books and equipment and worth up to £1,617 a year in the 2017 to 2018 academic year. The amount received will depend on your circumstances. More information at

Access to Learning Fund
This funding is available through your university or college and may provide extra financial support to enable you to stay on a course, if the Childcare Grant does not cover all the costs of your childcare. Apply through the student services or welfare officer at your university or college.

Hardship fund or bursaries
Some universities offer hardship funds or bursaries if you are facing extreme financial difficulties. These are usually one-off payments you do not have to repay. Speak to a student services or welfare officer at your university or college for more information.

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This page was last modified: 31st May 2017