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Happy Father’s Day

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Domestic abuse involves any physical or mental abuse within an intimate or family setting and is not exclusive to just male and female relationships; it can apply to same sex couples, young couples, ex-partners or can involve any family member including an auntie or uncle, grandparents, siblings or child (adolescent and adult children) on parent abuse.

Parent abuse results in a number of deaths each year with at least twenty parents murdered by their own child in 2014, and at least twelve parents have been killed by their child in the first six months of 2015 (Karen Ingala Smith).

Parents being abused by their child may feel a conflict of emotions, fearing their child’s actions and behaviours whilst also loving and wanting to protect them.

However, abusive or violent behaviour from your son or daughter is still domestic abuse.  Services are on hand to help you move towards a brighter and safer future, call 0345 155 1074 for advice.

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