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Domestic abuse isn’t always between partners

The Safer Devon Partnership is leading on a campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse between family members. The campaign officially launches in November as part of 16 Days of Action, an international campaign which runs from 25 November, UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day.

The campaign this year ‘Domestic abuse isn’t always between partners’ highlights parent abuse, and aims to help those living within abusive relationships to understand that there are support services available.

Domestic abuse involves any physical or mental abuse within an intimate or family setting and is not exclusive to just male and female relationships; it can apply to same sex couples, young couples, ex-partners or can involve any family member including an auntie or uncle, grandparents, siblings or child (adolescent and adult children) on parent abuse.

Statistics show that on average, two women a week and two men a month are murdered by their current or former partner in England and Wales (Office for National Statistics)

In addition, parent abuse results in a number of deaths each year with at least twenty parents murdered by their own child in 2014, and at least twelve parents have been killed by their child in the first six months of 2015 (Karen Ingala Smith).

Parents being abused by their child may feel a conflict of emotions, fearing their child’s actions and behaviours whilst also loving and wanting to protect them.

However, abusive or violent behaviour from your son or daughter is still domestic abuse.  Services are on hand to help you move towards a brighter and safer future, call 0345 155 1074 for advice.

Download the campaign material below:

Domestic Homicide Infographic 2015

Support 16 Days of Action in Devon

Events will be taking place across Devon during 16 Days of Action, to get involved and show your support, view the timetable of events here and tweet #16Days or you can download the leaflet (Download Leaflet)

Support White Ribbon Day

To show your support for the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day, add a white ribbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile here

If you or someone you know is living with domestic abuse, contact Devon Domestic Abuse Support Services on 0345 155 1074 or email

Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week (2– 6 March 2015)

A powerful new film highlighting the abuse suffered by adults at risk has been launched to coincide with Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week in Devon and Torbay.

“If you see something, say something”

Don’t be afraid to report abuse!

Contact the Safeguarding Team

Care Direct on 0845 155 1007 (Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm and Saturdays, 9:00am to 1:00pm) or email

If you feel someone is in immediate danger or there is an emergency situation, please call 999

More information about Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week
Abuse Awareness Easy Read Factsheet


Domestic Abuse Awareness Week (24-28 November 2014)

DV awarenessness week campaign poster 2014

Devon and Cornwall Police are leading on a campaign for Domestic Abuse Awareness Week (24-28 November) together with KOR Communications, on behalf of the Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse (DSVA) Alliance.

The campaign this year is called ‘Domestic Abuse Shatters Lives’ and focuses on the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people. The campaign takes into consideration the effects of substance misuse and mental ill health on families where domestic abuse is happening.

The launch will take place at 10:30am on Friday 21 November at the Coaver Club, County Hall, Exeter, followed by a question and answer session with the speakers.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Dr Bryony Curtis, Educational Psychologist, Babcock
  • Gemma Newbery, Educational Psychologist, Babcock
  • Detective Superintendent Public Protection Unit, Paul Northcott, D&C Police
  • Jane McArdle, Breaking The Cycle Family Project (Addaction) and Rise (Recovery and Integration Service)
  • Gilli Watson and Suzanne Azer, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Download the campaign materials:

The most important thing is to do something. Do not assume that someone else is dealing with the problem. If you are worried, contact one of the support services now.

Follow the campaign on Twitter #shatterslives


#NOBLURREDLINES – Rape awareness campaign ( launched November 2014)

Devon and Cornwall Police have launched a new campaign targeted at students and young people to help change attitudes to sexual offences.

The #NOBLURREDLINES campaign will target men and women aged between 16-37 to educate and inform them that sex without consent is rape.

there are no Blurredlines - sex without consent is rapeThe campaign is targeted at potential victims and perpetrators, with the message that there are no blurred lines when it comes to rape and to dispel the misconceived notion that most rapes involve a stranger.

The phrase that has been coined across the globe in a backlash to Robin Thicke’s controversial track, Blurred Lines, that was banned by student unions across the country.

Students are being given festival wristbands with the message to support the campaign for a rape-free culture as a visual reminder to consider their actions, plus there will be an active social media campaign to encourage a discussion of the issue. This will be promoted through various student channels, a new Facebook page  and on Twitter @DC_Police.


16 Days of Action (25 November to 10 December 2014)

16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence, which is supported by Public Health England, is aimed at businesses that lack an infrastructure to deal with the large-scale problem that is domestic violence. As it stands, companies can do more to aid their employees who endure domestic violence, train those who witness it, and to protect staff as a whole, with the goal of securing safety and mitigating financial loss.

Research has shown that, in any given year, one in 10 staff will experience domestic abuse and violence. Almost all – 98% – of domestic abuse survivors said the abuse stopped them doing their job properly, and 75% of domestic abuse victims are targeted at work in ways such as, their abuser making harassing calls to them, and partners arriving at the workplace unannounced.

16 days of action have produced a series of briefings for employers including:

For more information about domestic violence in the workplace see the DSVA workplace and employer issues page.


Look again. It’s all under control

The Safer Devon Partnership launched the ‘Look again. It’s all under control’ campaign to help improve awareness of controlling or coercive behaviour as a form of domestic abuse.

'It's all under control' campaign postersIn particular, work is often the place where victims of abuse feel safe enough to seek advice and support. It is also a place where colleagues and friends can spot the signs of domestic abuse.

The awareness raising initiative “Look again. It’s all under control” is linked to a wider campaign that is being rolled-out this summer following the tragic deaths of four women who were killed by their partners or a member of their family.

Speakers at the campaign event will include:

Look again Its all under control Press Release

The event will be held at Darts Farm on Wednesday 25th June, 2pm – 4:30pm and attendees will be provided with HR guidance and policy templates.

Find out more on Twitter @DC_IsThisLove or

Download the posters

Download the social media banner (facebook 1facebook 2,twitter 1twitter 2)

Download the “How to spot DA – Employers Guide 2014