Making Devon County Council a digital organisation

Making data available and searchable so people can find out about services and facilities; helping them get to where they need to be and to access the support they need.

Using Digital Service Standards to improve the way we design services for everyone

The standards are…

  1. Standard 1
  2. Standard 2
  3. Standard 3
  4. Standard 4
  5. Standard 5

Giving our staff the tools to get the job done in all conditions, managing the critical infrastructure in the county and keeping our information correct and up to date.

Cutting down on paper reports, using dynamic reporting and online tools to monitor how we’re doing

Digital culture is collaborative culture; being open to ideas, and sharing knowledge.



Making information available as open data – non-personal information that anyone can access, reuse and share. This makes us more transparent and accountable, and gives other organisations a chance to make something useful with the data we collect.

Sharing skills and learning so we can stay  informed about new technologies as they emerge; enabling staff to keep up to date with the fast-changing modern world.

Code Clubs

Skills Share sessions