Devon Local

The DSP held a workshop in November 2013 which explored the theme of Doing things Differently  РDevon Local was born from the  genuine enthusiasm from DSP partners for a radical shift in the way we collectively work in local communities; the way we engage locally; the way bottom up could meet top down; the way we might deliver more with less by adopting local collaborative ways of working and how we might support local voluntary and community organisations to fill the gaps as discretionary services are reduced or withdrawn. Richard Sheard, who as Chief Executive of South Hams and West Devon Councils until his retirement at the end of March 2014 represented all Devon Disitrict Chief Executives on the DSP board, presented a paper in December 2013 that you can read that explains the initial concept of Devon Local . Report to DSP Board Р18 December 2013

The thinking has developed over the past few months with input from public, private and voluntary sector stakeholders, and subsequent work in 2014 demonstrates a progression in thinking with a more flexible approach. As this work progresses further updates will be available here.