The Mental Capacity Act

If you, a relative or someone you care for has an illness, injury or disability which causes difficulties in making decisions, you may need to think about planning ahead in case you are unable to make important decisions in the future.

Mental capacity is your ability to make decisions about your life. Your capacity to make decisions could be affected by an injury, a serious illness or a disability. You may want to plan ahead for when you do not have capacity, or you might be caring for someone who is not able to make decisions for themselves.

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 governs decision-making on behalf of people, who may lose the capacity to make decisions for themselves at some point in their lives, or where an incapacitating condition has been present since birth.

Nine short films were launched during the MCA Awareness week which ran from 8-12th February 2016. These covered aspects of the Act broken down into small and easily digestible sections.

Public awareness Mental Capacity Act videos and MCA Presentation Videos.

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