Important Updates

Get ready for winter

Local (parish and town) councils are being asked by the government to play a role in alleviating the adverse effects of winter emergency situations.

See: Get ready for winter – planning ahead: a checklist for parish and town councils and Met Office – Get ready for winter.

New banners and decorations procedure

From the 21 October we are changing the way we deal with applications to erect banners or decorations over the highway.

  • DCC will no longer issue a licence or charge a fee
  • Communities can erect temporary, non-commercial banners or decorations once they have agreed to our terms and conditions, which will be available on our web site
  • Notifications of intent, to erect banners or decorations, should be made by email in the short term and will be sent to the Highway Services Team.

DCC will remove any item considered to be unsafe, a nuisance, inappropriate, advertising commercial services or in breach of our terms and conditions, subject to a £150.000 release fee.

If the applicant wishes to attach the banner or decoration to street lighting, (or draw power from street lighting in the case of seasonal decorations), they must get specific approval from the street lighting team.

Urban highway grass cutting

Following a well-publicised ‘Tough Choices’ stakeholder consultation a change, relating to Devon County Council’s highway grass cutting service, took place during early 2015.

Grass cutting, on roadsides, has now been limited to maintaining visibility at bends and junctions, and to provide visibility to signs.

In some areas the local community has decided that they wanted more control over what grass was cut, by procuring and managing the works themselves. This has resulted in more extensive and frequent cutting by those involved. The County Council would encourage this in certain circumstances, providing a financial contribution, in order to ensure that the council’s policy is upheld as a minimum.

To find out more, and what allocation would be made to your area by the county council, please contact the Highway Maintenance Team on 01392 383191 or email

Neighbourhood Highway Officers will also be available to answer your questions.

In order to make sure that delivery arrangements are in place for the new season please ensure that you contact Devon County Council no later than the 1 December 2015 if you are interested in managing your highway grass cutting service locally.

Community self help

Information on Self Help and Community Support, which includes our Road Warden Scheme, including contact details, can be found on our website;

Trees and vegetation

New information has been added to our website to inform members of the public about trees & vegetation.  This includes updated information, on grass cutting, following last year’s Tough Choices consultation.