I’m a provider of services. What does The Devon Card mean for me?

Evidence shows that people achieve better results by taking control of their personal budgets and, as awareness grows, more and more people are choosing to personalise their support. In addition, Government has set challenging targets for Local Authorities to provide genuinely authentic personal budgets for people. The proportion of people using direct payments will continue to grow as will demand for personalised support.

One likely benefit for providers is the removal of the Local Authority as a payment intermediary. Payment direct from a service user will generally be quicker than payment from a Local Authority for commissioned services.

Providers can be paid in a number of ways by a service user (or a person acting on their behalf). These include

  • CHIP and PIN face-to-face payments
  • CHIP, PIN and CV2 (3-digit security number on reverse) payments online, by telephone or mail order
  • Standing order
  • BACS bank transfer.

Cash payment is not possible.

Providers do not need to be Visa merchants.

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