Can I continue to use Disability Focus (or another organisation) to manage my bank account for me?

Because a pre-loaded card requires less financial management activity it makes it a credible option for those service users currently using a managed bank account service. If you currently receive funding for a managed account service, we will work with you to review your overall circumstances and help you decide whether The Devon Card is suitable for you. If you currently have a managed bank account you will have the option to continue to use this and we will continue to fund this on your behalf.

We will only fund managed account services for new users of direct payments if we feel that The Devon Card is not practical for you. In these circumstances, new users of direct payments can still choose to have a managed account but we will expect you to fund this yourself.

We will continue to fund payroll services and Employer’s Liability Insurance for direct payments recipients irrespective of whether they are using The Devon Card.

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