Elections and Results

County Council elections in England take place once every four years.

The next County Council elections will take place on 4 May 2017, for 60 County Councillors.

There will, on this occasion, be 56 ‘single-member’ Electoral Divisions and 2 ‘two-member’ Divisions’  – 2 fewer than in the past.   You can find out more about the new Divisions, their areas and size and access relevant maps on our website.

At the close of poll Ballot Boxes will be secured overnight, the votes having first been sorted and ‘verified’ and the votes being returned to boxes and resealed.  Verification of the votes (that is to say checking that the number of ballot papers issued corresponds with the number of ballot papers in each ballot box) will take place immediately after the polls have closed in each of the City, Borough and/or District Council areas.

As in previous elections, counting of the Votes will not begin until the Friday – 5th  May 2017 – all taking place at the same time, starting at 10.00am,  in each of the City/Borough/District Council area,  which it is anticipated will be finished and ‘declared’ by around midday on the Friday. Locations of the various counts can be found here.

All results will be collated by the County Council as they are received and details will be published immediately on the County Council’s website.

The last Whole Council election took place in May 2013

A By-Election took place on 22 May 2014 at Yealmpton, the results of which are shown here: Yealmpton By-Election results.

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