Scrutiny Team

The Council’s scrutiny committees are supported by a dedicated team within the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat. They carry out research in support of the committees’ work programmes and are active in proposing possible areas of investigation and lines of questioning. They are responsible for all aspects of the work of the task groups set up for specific investigations: arranging meetings; locating information, witnesses and other contributors; drafting reports of the investigations and so on. They also take an active role in the investigation process, especially in task groups and attend committee meetings as advisers on current and planned investigations. In addition, they act as a “voice” for overview/scrutiny within the organisation, representing members’ concerns to the different service directorates.

The Council’s designated Head of Scrutiny is Camilla de Bernhardt Lane, Deputy Democratic Services and Scrutiny Manager (

The individual scrutiny officers and the committees they support are set out below.

  • Health and Adult Care Scrutiny – Camilla de Bernhardt Lane (Deputy Democratic Services and Scrutiny Manager )
  • Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny – Victoria Church (Scrutiny Officer)
  • Children’s Scrutiny  – Dan Looker (Scrutiny Officer)

For further information please contact any one of the team shown above on 01392 383143 or by email