Scrutiny Fact Sheet

The Local Government Act 2000 required Councils such as Devon to have Executive arrangements which includes Overview or Scrutiny Committees. In Devon we have chosen to have three Scrutiny Committees The role of the Scrutiny Committees includes:-

  1. Reviewing and scrutinising decisions made or action taken in connection  with the discharge of either Cabinet or Council functions.
  2. Making reports or recommendations to either the Cabinet or Council.
  3. Considering any matter affecting the Council area or its inhabitants.
  4. Exercising the right to call in for reconsideration decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet.

In essence Scrutiny Committees in Councils perform a similar function to Select Committees in the House of Commons. They have an important role in policy development and in reviewing and scrutinising the performance of the various parts of the Council.

Scrutiny Committees have the power to require officers and Cabinet Members to attend their meetings to provide information and respond to Member questions.

Scrutiny Committees also have an important role in reviewing and scrutinising the performance of other public bodies operating within the Devon area and in particular in relation to crime and disorder. At the present time Devon has the following Scrutiny Committees:

  • Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services
  • Health and Adult Care
  • Children’s