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Further engagement

A series of events have been arranged for day service providers and community groups/organisations, including the voluntary sector. The focus of these events will be on:

  1. Developing the community mapping of day services further
  2. Exploring opportunities at each level of offer outlined in the Community Life Choices triangle diagram
  3. Gaining a better understanding of quality and availability of day services
Mid Devon mapping eventThursday 17 October 20132pm to 4pmHayridge Centre, Cullompton EX15 1DJ
South Devon mapping eventFriday 18 October 201310am to 12pmWatermark Centre, Erme Court, Ivybridge PL21 0SZ
East Devon mapping eventWednesday 23 October 20132pm to 4pmExeter Community Centre, 17 St David’s Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG
North Devon mapping eventThursday 24 October 201310am to 12pmCedars Inn, Bickington Road, Sticklepath, Barnstaple EX31 2HE

Tea and coffee will be available 15 minutes before the start of the meetings.

You can book your place at one of the mapping events by emailing us   You will need to provide your name, organisation and contact number.

Prior to attending any of the above we would be grateful if you could review the community provider information sheet and map, which details the services that we are aware of in the areas covered by each of these events.

Following these events local consultation meetings with staff, carers and clients will be arranged if proposals resulting in significant changes are identified for any specific centres. Details of these meetings will be made available following the review process.

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  1. T Brown |

    My mother has been attending Bodley house for several years now, and even worked for 20 years + as a carer when it was an old peoples home herself. My mum has arthritis, mobility issues along with other medical conditions to. I am her carer and for mum it is an outlet to mix with her own age group, have her bath and enjoy any activities provided by the very good and caring staff at Bodley. Myself being her full time carer it also gives me some free time and needed respite as i have had only had 3 weeks off in 4 years, so the 2 days she goes to Bodley is important for my mum and myself and i know she is well cared for to.The fact Exeter population is ever increasing,,to close Bodley house day centre and rehabilitation centre is pure madness and puts vunerable old and imfirmed people stuck at home ! ! Carers much needed respite time is also then taken away too ! ! The councils cuts will hurt vunerable old people and their carers all to save some money !!

  2. Allan Cameron |

    Please, please engage openly and frankly with carers and service users. For many of those who responded in 2012, it is galling to find the same bland, blanket statements justifying the closure of local authority day centres run out again. John Hart has been frank and we all need to be. Costs are broadly higher in day centres staffed by DCC support staff than the costs of some private providers. Local authorities have no choice but to cut services because of the budget restraints imposed on them. So, we shall all need to work together to patch things up and, where closures occur, try to match the lost provision – a quality provision based on continuity, skilled and experienced staff and on team work. (Guardian newspaper 26/11/13: ‘Care firms breaking minimum wage law. HMRC inquiry finds half of providers underpaid staff. Employers blame cuts in council funding.’)
    There will be a huge mountain to climb and we shall all of us be at the bottom. It is warming to see the support for existing day centres in previous comments and also sad, because we need to recognise the loss to the community closures will bring before we can move on. Modernisation is not necessarily ‘better’. It is unlikely that ‘community enabling’ will lead to the same level of care currently provided by skilled staff. Councillors need to understand the need to save as much as is possible within this provision and only then try to match it -as we must do – with help from family members and the community.

  3. Alan Kerswell |

    May I remind DCC that it is their responsibility to provide the assessed needs of the learning disabled, in my case 5 days day care a week. Many Carers like me have no intention of going down the direct payment route, so there will be a continuing need for DCC day service provision.

  4. colin trudgeon |

    It is clear from the comments above that most are from Family/Carers and it is good that they have had the opportunity to engage, by the skin of their teeth if the advert comment is correct. One area where they don’t appear to be openly considered is in the modelling diagram, that seems to be focussed entirely on the service user and their needs with no acknowledgement of the carers. It needs to be openly acknowledged that Day Care in DCC buildings is very often a cheaper form of respite care making carers able to continue. If Day Care is to be entirely left with private providers I suspect longer term costs and availability will suffer.

  5. CLC project team |

    The 40 Day centres that are refered to are all in-house services. There are many more services in the independant and voluntary sectors that we are unaware of. The purpose of these meetings is to try and gain a better picture of provision. Invitations to the mapping events were sent to day service providers on the community directory and on the provider engagement network, we apologise if an invitation did not reach all providers. We would like to encourage all providers to add information about the services they provide to the community directory, a link to this directory can be found on the website.

  6. Claire Blenkinsop |

    My brother attends Oasis in Barnstaple every Tuesday & Thursday,, He is picked up by 2 drivers and has a good banter with them, he looks forward to these sessions as this is his only contact with the outside world besides his carers and our family. He has built up confidence with his friends and the carers that run this club and the days he attends he is more alert and engaging. This is the second club he has attended as the previous club that was on his door step closed.I feel if this is taken away it will make him a recluse in his own home and deny him the opportunity for outside contact.

  7. CLC project team |

    Thank you, we will add these to the mapping information we are collating.

  8. SVC |

    As there are only 40 centres within the whole of Devon and you are aware of these, where they are and who manage the services why couldnt they have been sent an email inviting them to attend these meetings? I only spotted this with 2 days notice (when was it put on the website?) so could have missed the meeting in my area. This is a bad way to communicate important meetings and information as not everyone will check your website daily to see if anything new has been added. If this is how the “consultation” is going to continue it is very poor.

  9. Richard Swanton |

    I thought that Government policy at all levels was about person centre practise and choice. So why are DCC now taking choices away from vulnerable people that have needs, day centres can be incredible places that meet so many fundamental needs, community based services with paid enablers are invaluable and much needed but peer support and re-learning social skills in a group environment is much needed. Most building based service user would chose to go there.

  10. Joy |

    Hi, my Uncle is 91 and visually impaired. He attends Bodley House Day Care each week, which is the only social contact he has with others during the week. He is able to have his hair cut whilst at Bodley, has social contact, a hot meal and enjoys the social activities organised. He is visually impaired, and is familiar with and therefore knows how to navigate the unit.
    At 91 and with his disabilities, any changes to his day care are very likely to mean that he disengages with this element of his weekly routine, and would not have social peer-contact from that point, which is a life line for him, his family, and myself as his registered carer.
    Any change to the provision of this service would be a major blow, given his age and disability.
    The staff at Bodley are amazing and the day care suits his needs (health, social and disability) him. The day care (self-funded) forms a vital part of his week, both for him and for myself as one of his carers. Please do not change this service provision.

  11. Carmel Broughton |

    Hi, under the current provider list for East Devon, I notice Marshlands Day Centre ( a DCC day centre) in Seaton does not appear… something I’ve missed?…..
    Also Sea Swift Residential Home Seaton does not appear as a provider and I know clients have accessed here using Direct Payments.

  12. Pauline Hunt |

    My mother is 87 years old, type 2 diabetic, rh. arthritis and has three diagnosis of dementia to chose from. Her daycare at Tumbly Hill is outstanding and suits her down to the ground. Keeping her mentally active and properly fed as well as safe is unbeatable value even though she has to pay for it being one of the unfortunate that by a few pounds are too ‘wealthy’ and foot the bill for their own care. Nothing could take the place of the community at Tumbly Hill as a life line for my mother, she is happy, she is cheerful and full of laughter and loves going there. She cannot go into a home as she would be confused, angry, lonely, frightened not to mention depressed and therefor die. Her life has been hard enough without depriving her in her last years. She doesn’t have any Life choices left so leave her with the wonderful community and staff at Tumbly Hill.

  13. carol barkwell |

    It is nice to see that you are asking the people what they need. Day opportunities come in many flavours for many differing reasons .
    Style, location and duration all vary .
    It will be interesting to see the outcome of your findings.
    Cost and payment for services is important and being able to use direct payments to purchase what you want ihope will feature in the reserach .
    I hope there is a price compassison with services that are provided by DCC .
    Providing time limited outcome led learning based sessions for younger people is what is perhaps lacking from the system . Talking to younger services may help to create a new model that delivers government outcomes of learning or earning .

  14. Freda slattery's daughter Julia griffiths |

    My mother attends bodly every Wednesday , they collect her from my home , she looks forward to her special day there seeing her friends , they also give my mother a bath as at home she is not able to get one. Every day she mentions bodly to me her friend and how lovely the carer’s are . I feel it’s so important to have bodly for my mother and her friends to go to, it’s also a huge help for myself it gives me a day off with no worry . I am so worried by the letter it sounds like bodly may close my mother will be devastated also her friends and staff it’s like one big happy family there. Without my one day off a week I will have to consider giving up looking after my mother for my own sake I need that break please don’t take bodly day care away from the people who need it .