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Current provision

There are currently forty in-house day centres, eighteen learning disability centres, seventeen older people’s centres, one physical disability day centre and four joint Devon Partnership Trust and County Council link centres for mental health clients.

At present 2,025 clients access day services in Devon:

    • 735 are over 65
    • 303 have a mental health condition and are over 65.

Of those aged 18-64:

    • 421 of these clients have a learning disability
    • 142 have a physical disability
    • 424 have a mental health condition.

57% of these clients access County Council day centres (922 in total).

  • Older People aged 65+ (641 clients)

Of those aged 18-64:

  • 266 clients have a  learning disability
  • 15 clients have a physical disability

There are 339 members of staff working in the in-house day centres.

County Council day centre provision is just one part of a wider offer available to adults aged 18 plus across the county. There is a wide range of agencies and community groups working with local people offering a variety of opportunities and services. We have begun to map local services, but you can help us to check this information and give us as full a picture as possible for your area.

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  1. CLC project team |

    The figures outlined on this page refer to anyone who accesses a day service in Devon (independant sector or in-house service) having been through the care management process. It does not include private day care clients.

  2. CLC project team |

    Thank you for your comments, we will make the amendments you suggest to the map and add this to the community mapping information that is being collated.

  3. carol barkwell |

    Our own provision.

    Day Centres – Lyndridge runs a number of weekly luncheon clubs in Okehampton, Chagford, Hatherleigh, Moretonhampstead, Whiddon Down and Crediton. Designed to enable meeting existing friends, making new acquaintances or simply to get out and about and join in some activities if desired.

    Crediton: Wednesday at Orchard Court. Call Nicki Coles on 07912 496708.

    Hatherleigh: Wednesdays at The Community Centre. Contact Rose Davis 01837 658922.

    Moretonhampstead: Tuesdays and Fridays at the Leisure Centre. Call Emma Cooper on 07826 935447.

    Okehampton: Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 75 Exeter Road (with bathing facility). Contract Emma Cooper on 07826 935447.

    Chagford: Mondays and Thursdays. Call Pat Stevens on 07826 935933

    We work with a number of providers including Made-Well ( which provides leisure and learning activities in horticulture, animals, cookery, life skills, rural crafts and retail as well as volunteering opportunities. Get Changed ( a theatre company, and various day centres.

    Laundry, cleaning and shopping services – We offer a range of ‘home help’ services including laundry (washing, ironing), cleaning and shopping services to help you remain independent in your own home.
    Meals on wheels – We are able to offer a meals on wheels service in Okehampton town. Please call Rose Davis on 01837 658922 for more details.
    Sitting Service – We can provide a sitting service for carers who need a break, and accept vouchers from the “Take a Break” scheme. Telephone 01392 823315 to register.
    Respite Care – For those recovering from an illness, or after a stay in hospital who require support on a short term basis, we can offer respite care in Supported Living units where we provide competent and trained staff. Please note that we do not provide nursing care, and this service is subject to availability in the property.
    We have our own wheelchair friendly mini buses and are very active within our local communities.

  4. carol barkwell |

    Were the figures you gave just your own in house provision????

  5. SM |

    The Ilfracombe Link Centre is not shown correctly. It is at The Gables, 1 Belmont road (approximatedly where the L is in ILFRACOMBE on your map above) and shares a building with DPT staff. It is NOT a DCC owned building. It should also be coloured green (rather than the pink it is now) as it is a Mental health service.

  6. CLC Project Team |

    Thank you for your views, This page has been updated to reflect the numbers of clients aged 18-65 attending the mental health link centres in North Devon also.

  7. SC |

    Only 25 people between the ages of 18 and 65 that have mental health problems? Utter rubbish. Where did you get those figures? There are hundreds in North Devon alone that use the 4 day centres there