Phase 1 consultation (closed)

Consultation and engagement findings

The Community Life Choices Strategy consultation and engagement took place between January and April 2012. The consultation was with people with physical and sensory disabilities, people with mental health issues, people with learning disabilities, older people who use day services and their carers.

In total approximately 492 individuals gave their feedback as part of the consultation process, either through attending a focus group or via a questionnaire.

The emerging view from the consultation has been a generally positive response to the strategy, with an appreciation of the underpinning principles and suggested outcomes amongst the majority of respondents.

The key messages from the consultation were:

  • There is need for a greater range of day opportunities in community settings and for the development of community enabling offer to support people in accessing universal services/activities, voluntary and community sector support and navigation into employment.
  • People wanted to be assured that community based day opportunities were in place in all areas of Devon, particularly in rural areas, and where there were not, more work was required to develop services and opportunities and in ensuring accessible transport is available.
  • There was a view that for people with very intensive support needs a day centre approach may be the most appropriate. This view was most clearly expressed by carers for whom day centres at present provide a reliable opportunity to take a break from caring.
  • However what constitutes a day centre is changing. Rather than large open plan spaces for large group activities, smaller group spaces were suggested with drop in facilities, information and advice points, a café style environment and in a building with easy access to local community amenities and services
  • People recognised that the use of DCC run day centres is  falling and that the cost of a day centre place is in excess of their personal budget allowance for day services.

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