Community Mapping Findings

Data/Web issues

Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event NotesWebsite / Online Information – a lot of people can’t / won’t access

  • Devon Community Directory
    • should/could be single information hub, but needs to be better used by all (including CCT vol sector reps and brokers (query extent of current use??)
    • search and navigation functions (categories) confusing at present.
  • Can providers see the DCC in house day centre usage figures – important to address fall in DCC usage figures.
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event
  • Link with CCT, CVS, CAB, Age UK – all have databases / information on services in local areas – send someone out to visit these organisations and gather the data
  • Jenny Tower (01884 259769) – carried out a gap analysis (6 mths ago) linked to churches in mid Devon area – may be a good source of information (from Debbie – Age UK)
  • *Age UK and CAB hold information on local services, volunteers keep it up to date
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event – Table 1Providers are going to update their entries on the community directory

  • Community directory – promote it to the market and to CDP/CCT teams.
South & West – Sonia Burgess 18th October
  • TASS in Tavistock used to run 7 or 8 drop ins for older people in outlying villages – only see one on the list – I can only see one – Horrabridge – on the list.  Andy Lyle at ASS is the contact – happy to follow up and ask him how many are still going.  Andy will also be able to tell us about other informal clubs I am sure … happy to ask about that too if helpful?
North Devon 24th October Flip Charts
  • Current information sheets are out of date
  • Need to updated information held
  • Day Centres missing
  • Knowledge/resource – signposting.  Lots of directories but they don’t link/are not updated – solution – interactive database?
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Need to update information held by care management teams – some of it is 10 years old
  • Who is using the community directory?
  • Use category’s on presentation slide for the community directory and when you collate the feedback from these events. (see list below)
  • Day centres
  • Bathing
  • Enabling services
  • Personal assistants
  • Life skills and training
  • Befriending
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Lunch clubs
  • Meals
  • Sports
  • Libraries
  • Carer Support/Respite
  • Transport (community)
  • Handy Persons services
  • Leisure activities ie fishing, allotments
  • Memory cafes
  • Arts
  • Have we collated information from contracts, framework, direct payments and care management teams, GP surgery’s, health, LD team?
xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxxOnly 25 people between the ages of 18 and 65 that have mental health problems? Utter rubbish. Where did you get those figures? There are hundreds in North Devon alone that use the 4 day centres there., under the current provider list for East Devon, I notice Marshlands Day Centre ( a DCC day centre) in Seaton does not appear… something I’ve missed?…..
Also Sea Swift Residential Home Seaton does not appear as a provider and I know clients have accessed here using Direct Payments.
xxxxxx@xxx.xxxThe Ilfracombe Link Centre is not shown correctly. It is at The Gables, 1 Belmont road (approximatedly where the L is in ILFRACOMBE on your map above) and shares a building with DPT staff. It is NOT a DCC owned building. It should also be coloured green (rather than the pink it is now) as it is a Mental health service.
xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xxI dont know where you are getting your figures. Mental health referrals (and our caseloads) have increased at the centre where I work by almost 100% in the past 12 months.