Community Mapping Findings


Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event Notes
  • Provider perspective is that over the last few years DCC has given conflicting messages re co-design of service solutions vs a “marketplace” environment.
  •  Important to think through consultation correspondence to try to ensure as far as possible that notification reaches carers.
  • Provider missing the regular contact they used to have with CDP/CCT managers, post restructure this has gone, compounded by managers time being overstretched.
  • Detailed discussion with providers in targeted areas where IH closures proposed is critical.  Discuss and identify alternatives, expanding services etc.
  •  Communication/publicity
  • Some providers experience limited take up of services –– people knowing we are there are what we can provide.
  •  Structures.
  • Since we have split provision from commissioning at DCC, relationships and conversations with the market (IS and vol sector) have seemingly ceased.  We need to affirm roles and re-establish connections.
  • Community Connectors (Prevention Strategy) – vol sector role outside of care management teams.  Using time limited prevention strategy funds to pilot in 3-5 areas, seeking to bring partners/providers together.  Core offer – low level community based (outside regulated services), supportive services.
  • Community Connectors identifying unmet need locally – how can we harness this information so that commissioners can look at and address the gaps?  More targeted use of existing DCC expenditure.
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event Table 1
  • Age UK Mid devon – info and advice services via skype, help to set up networks assisting them with smartphones, tables, and apps.
  •  Importance of first conversation
  • Need a cascade system – local level village agents
  • We need a support network for third sector, county council and independent sectors to work in partnership.
  • Find the ‘movers and shakers’ in any community.
  •  True partnership solves problems and grows innovation
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event
  • Link with CCT, CVS, CAB, Age UK – all have databases / information on services in local areas – send someone out to visit these organisations and gather the data.
  •  Facilitate locality networking meetings for voluntary & 3rd sector providers to generate connections, creating innovative solutions.
  • Compliment this with a ‘virtual’ network
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event – Table 1
  • Work closer with parents, schools and carers
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event
  • Networking event for providers (stalls/stands/info, etc) to include CDP, Art workers, etc to ensure aware of services available
South & West – Sonia Burgess 18th OctoberAssume your team is aware of the work that South hams CVS is pulling together to network and bring together a range of VCS providers who are supporting individuals who may be particularly affected by the welfare legislation reforms – think it could be slightly broader than this and as such people who are vulnerable … if we aren’t linked into this the key contact would be Jill Davies at South Hams CVS.
North 24th October Flip Charts
  • How do people find out about services
  • How do they access services
  • Current information sheets are out of date
  • How do carers know who to contact
  •  LD care managers could add local knowledge to the commissioning process
  • Small scale providers have no capacity to raise awareness
  • Are we looking at how other authorities are doing this?
Exeter & East Devon 28 Oct Mark LaneLooking at commissioning as a marketplace pitched provider against provider and really broke down collaborative communications and structure within the sector – much to its detriment. A similar comment is that there used to be regular conversations between the in-house and independent sector but they do not seem to take place any more and the opportunity to collaborate (rather than be treated at arms length) has diminished. This was particular true in terms of collaboration around funding where providers with very different skillsets could jointly go for funding/service provision using there particular strengths – Headway (acquired brain injury charity) and St Loyes (getting people back to work charity) was a very interesting and fruitful conversation I sat in on.How ‘we’ are treating the in-house provision of day-care and the independent sector as separate things where they feel they are not and in-house provision should open up to ideas, solutions and in-put from the leaner, innovative independent sector (which is increasing market share). Currently they are dealt with as two separate Work Packages (WP2 and WP4).
East Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Community links to other towns
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Signposting is still a big problem – where do you go?
  • DCC’s day services website is great
  • Have we collated information from contracts, framework, direct payments and care management teams, GP surgery’s, health, LD team?
  •  Raise awareness of community enabling
xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xxAs there are only 40 centres within the whole of Devon and you are aware of these, where they are and who manage the services why couldnt they have been sent an email inviting them to attend these meetings? I only spotted this with 2 days notice (when was it put on the website?) so could have missed the meeting in my area. This is a bad way to communicate important meetings and information as not everyone will check your website daily to see if anything new has been added. If this is how the “consultation” is going to continue it is very poor.