Community Mapping Findings

Client Issues/Needs

Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event Notes
  • Consultation / inclusion of Acquired Brain Injury clients
  • Experience is that a lot of older people in particular want and like stability (environment/friends/carers). Therefore, a buildings based solutions with a range of activities and options for day trips etc suits them.  Spectrum of services is currently there in the market (i.e. Estuary and Age UK) and demand is exceeding supply.
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event Table 1
  • Cognitively challenged individuals are not always aware that services are being paid for.
  • We need to think about how we invest time and support to help them understand costs.
  • All services should be enabling (maximise independence and lower dependence)
  • Ask providers ‘what are the added extras?’ ie: benefit checks
  •  Residential care residents should be able to access day services also (get out an ddo something different)
  •  ‘People need to pay’ its their responsibility
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event
  • Need to consider needs of individuals and ensure services needed are available, i.e bathing, personal care, transport
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event – Table 1
  • Personalised, outcome based services, group enabling ad skills development, 1:1 job coaching.
  • The biggest problem is loneliness and boredom – need to integrate with general society.
  •  Need to signpost people off after a period of time (reduce reliance on services).
  •   Inconsistency in outcomes of Personal Budget Questionnaires. If the parent or carer hasn’t got an awareness or if they haven’t been supported properly in completing the questionnaire, we often end up with big packages for low need clients.
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event
  • Important to identify individual’s needs
North 24th October Flip Charts
  • Importance of prevention (falls prevention)
  • Importance of people feeling involved, active and self value
  •  Importance of carers respite
East Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Some people need a cleaner, transport, meals
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Personalisation is great but budget is a constant issue. We need to be realistic about expectations on costs and who pays.
  • Lots of people are not entitled to day care and live on their own.
xxxx@xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxWill all age groups be able to choose??
xxxx.xxxxx@xxxx.xxxMy mother is 87 years old, type 2 diabetic, rh. arthritis and has three diagnosis of dementia to chose from. Her daycare at Tumbly Hill is outstanding and suits her down to the ground. Keeping her mentally active and properly fed as well as safe is unbeatable value even though she has to pay for it being one of the unfortunate that by a few pounds are too ‘wealthy’ and foot the bill for their own care. Nothing could take the place of the community at Tumbly Hill as a life line for my mother, she is happy, she is cheerful and full of laughter and loves going there. She cannot go into a home as she would be confused, angry, lonely, frightened not to mention depressed and therefor die. Her life has been hard enough without depriving her in her last years. She doesn’t have any Life choices left so leave her with the wonderful community and staff at Tumbly Hill. should be informed of all the options and allowed to choose what is best for them and their disabled family members
xxx.xxxx@xxxx.xxxxHi, my Uncle is 91 and visually impaired. He attends Bodley House Day Care each week, which is the only social contact he has with others during the week. He is able to have his hair cut whilst at Bodley, has social contact, a hot meal and enjoys the social activities organised. He is visually impaired, and is familiar with and therefore knows how to navigate the unit.

At 91 and with his disabilities, any changes to his day care are very likely to mean that he disengages with this element of his weekly routine, and would not have social peer-contact from that point, which is a life line for him, his family, and myself as his registered carer.

Any change to the provision of this service would be a major blow, given his age and disability.

The staff at Bodley are amazing and the day care suits his needs (health, social and disability) him. The day care (self-funded) forms a vital part of his week, both for him and for myself as one of his carers. Please do not change this service provision.