Community Mapping Findings

Assessments & Brokers

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Exeter 23rd Oct Community Mapping Event Notes
  • What is the definition of level 4 “complex”?  Are we removing choice by saying that building based care is for complex need only?  Assessment is key, if FACS eligible, will have Personal Budget and choice.
  • Brokers need to be given the time to think about alternative / personalised solutions – not always the easiest / usual / cheapest route.
  • Brokers understanding of what services need authorising – Age UK day services about to cease sue to lack of referrals – broker believes can’t refer due to cost, but care manager saying differently – communication issue?
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event
  • Personal brokerage approach to providing services
  •  Clients cannot use PB/DP’s in DCC centres
Mid Devon 17 Oct Community Mapping Event Table 1
  • Importance of first conversation
  • Providers would benefit from hearing a CDP conversation (assessment over the phone), as they could increase their understanding of both sides.
  • Understand the difficulties assessment and referral teams face.
  • Understand eligibility criteria.
  • We need a similar approach to personal brokerage for day services, ie: personal scenario sent to providers, to help facilitate discussions between providers on how they can work together to meet the individual’s needs, or provide elements of the services required individually. (this could be trialled/tested?)
  • Its all about knowledge.
  • Ask providers ‘what are the added extras?’ ie: benefit checks.
  • For all reviews – more of a focus on enabling, independence and choice.
North 24th October Flip Charts
  • How do you decide if someone is high level or low level need and what if this is changed
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event
  • Important to identify individual’s needs
South & West – Sonia Burgess 18th October Forgot to add an issue ref accessing services etc – point was raised about the need for a central broker to sit alongside clients and their families to identify what they need etc and then link them to the appropriate local provider.   Subsequent to this morning’s session I had a conversation with Ali Boyd – and she raised the fact that Ilfracombe are developing the role of a “community connector” – someone who sits within a local social enterprise and provides exactly this function.
Exeter & East Devon 28 Oct Mark Lane Due to the complexity and diversity of day-care provision and the flexibility of personal payments (and the need for guidance for recipient) they felt there was a real need for an independent brokerage within each community – a go-to place/person who would be impartial and also know the landscape to give appropriate advice and advocacy.