Community Mapping Findings

16-25s Issues

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South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event – Table 1
  • Services aren’t modernised enough in the Newton Abbot area
  • Those leaving school (age 16-25) need support now
South Devon 18th October Community Mapping Event
  • DOVE – replicating project running in Plymouth to help  18-25 with learning disabilities through transition when leaving school
  • Invest in 18-25 to promote independent living skills – this prevent escalating costs later in life
North 24th October Flip Charts
  • College courses have reduced
  • Gaps potentially for young adults, i.e ABI, Aspergers
  • Transitional support from child to adult needs improving
  • Children in transition – adult pending cliff
North Devon Community Mapping Table 1
  • Lots of courses and classes at Petroc in North Devon (LD clients)
  • Limited MH day centres in North Devon – only DPT link centres
xxxx.xxxx@xxxx.xx.xx with reference to the frequently asked questions it state that numbers at day centres have fallen by 60%, one of the reasons for this has been carers have not been given this option, when my son left school(he is in the top group of care needs) we were told HE COULD NOT have a day centre and we must use direct payments even though we didn’t want to go that route. it wasn’t until we got our MP involved that devon allowed him a place at a day centre,
xxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx Providing time limited outcome led learning based sessions for younger people is what is perhaps lacking from the system . Talking to younger services may help to create a new model that delivers government outcomes of learning or earning .