Phase 1 consultation (closed)

Community Mapping Findings

In October 2013 day service providers from the independent and voluntary sector were invited to a series of mapping events.

The interactive map below shows our updated picture of Day Service Provision locally.

The feedback from these events was as follows:

You Said:

Support and opportunities for providers

  • Devon County Council need to offer a clear direction
  • We need to affirm roles and re-establish connections with the independent/voluntary sector
  •  If you decide to close a day centre, will there be a possibility of gifting / right to buy options for providers?
  • Devon County Council could make resources available to the market and steer them as to what is needed, then providers could respond by developing innovative solutions.
  • Find the ‘movers and shakers’ in any community.
  • Day opportunities should be outcome based
  • Need to raise awareness of community enabling and what it is.
  • Anxious about more pressure on community & voluntary services
  • Clear, realistic approach so providers know exactly what is expected.
  • The Voluntary sector has a finite capacity / number of volunteers. We are already running to capacity in some areas/organisations.
  • We all need to understand boundaries / limits of services.  How can we better target services?
  • Business continuity – ensuring provision in adverse weather etc.  Ensuring coverage in rural areas.


  • We need to targeted Devon County Council expenditure to those who are most vulnerable
  • Direct Payment / Personal Budgets – older people reluctant to take up – what are the alternatives or how could we better promote / make accessible?  Too bureaucratic.  Can we adopt Take A Break approach for other client groups services?
  • Community based options are not always better or cheaper
  • Personal budgets – combine PB’s to enable group activities
  • Support for direct payments – carers may not be using them effectively? Who monitors them?


  • We need better promotion of the Community Transport Network
  • Transport is important; example was given about a client who was enabled via an independent sector enabling service to pass his driving test and now volunteers as a driver for the day centre 3 days a week.
  • Map the gaps in community transport?


  • The Devon Community Directory should/could be a single information hub, but needs to be better used by all. The search and navigation functions (categories) are confusing at present.
  • Libraries could be the central (physical) information source re community support / activities, with library “buddies” able to feed information into the DCD and out to customers/the community.
  • Need to utilise the Complex care team Voluntary sector reps more effectively as they are very knowledgeable
  • Would be good to map individual’s journey? How does someone access a day service in Devon?
  • Would be useful for voluntary sector organisations to  ‘shadow’ CDP teams  whilst carrying out phone assessments
  • Social Media – We could develop a town based facebook page to be used by clients and providers to connect needs with services.
  • Local contact points (hubs) drop in facilities, somewhere to eat a packed lunch, get assistance and advice – libraries, CVS offices, Care providers, home associates, bus station

Our Response to your feedback

  1. The Community Life Choices Project includes a tender for a new community enabling service for older people which will help to support individuals with their choices and encourage them to engage with community activities. There will be a launch event for this tender in December.
  2. It is our intention as part of the community capacity building work package to make resources available to the market and steer them as to what is needed, so that providers can respond by developing innovative solutions.
  3. We intend to promote the community Directory as the tool to use for signposting, and would encourage providers to keep their information up to date. We will be looking at the searching functions and usability of this information source.
  4. As part of the care pathway work we will endeavour to show the clients journey into day services.
  5. We will work with providers to bridge the gap between assessment process and provision of services and increase providers understanding of what is involved.
  6. A new specification for day services is being developed as part of the community life choices project.
  7. We plan to publish our commissioning intentions alongside decisions relating to the day service review following the consultation with clients, carers and staff and full consideration on the feedback relating to the proposals for in-house services in the New Year.

Next Steps:

  • This feedback is already being used to inform the in-house day service review and the proposals relating to the future of our in-house day centres.
  • This information alongside the proposals which will be put out to consultation in the New Year will help us to identify ways we can support for independent and voluntary sector organisations and groups, particularly in areas potentially affected by change.

The maps below and information sheets below show the updated information on local day services.

 Information sheet – DevonwideDevonwide MAP
Information sheet – NorthMAP – North
Information sheet – EastMAP –  East
Information sheet – SouthMAP –  South
Information sheet – WestMAP –  West

Full details of the types of support and opportunities suggested at these events.