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Assessment of need

The full Community Life Choices strategy and the executive summary includes information on the assessment of need and supply in the Devon relating to day opportunities for adults aged 18 plus. Easy to read version of the strategy.

This information will be used as a basis for conversations with key stakeholders as part of the community mapping process.  It is envisaged that all stakeholders will add to the information in the strategy using their expert knowledge of both local people and local need.

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  1. CLC project team |

    We will try to respond to as many as we can Carol.

  2. CLC project team |

    The information on the current provision page shows a summary of all provision in the county, the feedback we receive from the mapping events and online or via email will help us to add to this and give us a clearer picture of what is available for all clients groups and all ages. Transition arrangements for clients will be put in place where changes are identified following the review process and full consultation with clients and carers on proposals for in-house services. These arrangements will be dependent on need.

  3. carol barkwell |

    Will questions on this website be answered ???

  4. carol barkwell |

    What a pity the initial mapping only did the county provision.
    there are many other services types .
    Will this new round of investigation encompass all provision????
    And also let people explore what their days could be like if they could use their funding in a different way???
    Will there be a transition from centre based DCC supported daycare to one to one outcome based provision ???
    will all age groups be able to choose??