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Safe cycling

We offer FREE National Standard cycle training which will give you tips and techniques for dealing with traffic. We can also teach you how to ride from scratch or help you if you are returning to cycling and a bit wobbly.

Top Cycling Tips

  • Ride in a strong and confident position well clear of the kerb. This makes you part of the traffic and easier for you to see and be seen
  • Communicate with other road users, especially at junctions, then you know they’ve seen you. Make eye contact and signal clearly.
  • Be polite, courteous and considerate to others
  • Take extra care at junctions and roundabouts especially at junctions
  • Avoid riding up the inside of lorries and buses
  • Use lights and consider wearing bright or reflective clothing, especially in towns, at night and in bad weather
  • Make sure your cycle helmet fits correctly
  • When cycling with children, position an adult at the front and the back, with children in the middle. Consider quieter roads or cycle paths too.
  • Follow the Highway Code  – don’t jump red lights and don’t cycle on the pavement unless it’s a designated cycle path
  • In wet weather watch your speed as surfaces may be slippery and it will take you longer to stop
  • Make sure your helmet fits correctly and is of a recognised standard e.g. EN1078
  • Invest in a good bike and look after it. Buy a decent U-lock too
  • Let people know you are coming – ring your bell, or call out ‘hello’ – not all pedestrians can see you
  • Lastly, be a cycling ambassador. Be polite, courteous and considerate and Share this Space