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Choosing a bike

Choosing the right bike for you can be a challenge as there are so many options out there. It is essential that you find the right bike for you, both in terms of style, size and shape, to ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable cycle ride.

Hybrid bikes


Hybrid bikes combine the speed of a road bike with the comfort of a mountain bike. With a range of gears and slim tyres, they are the perfect bike for general use on a range of surfaces, and great for commuters who want to carry panniers.

Folding bikes


Folding bikes are perfect for commuters who also need to travel by car, bus or train for a proportion of their journey. They have smaller wheels and fewer gears and fold down so they are easily carried and stored away in cupboards or under desks.

Road bikes


Road bikes are lightweight with skinny tyres which make them faster than other types of bike. They are only suitable for cycling on smooth surfaces, but can be made more practical for commuting and longer distance travel too.

Mountain bikes

Bellever forest cycling-GF-DNPA-PCF11-0809 (31)

Mountain bikes have knobbly tyres, lots of suspension and a range of gears to cope with off-road paths and tracks. They don’t make great commuter bikes, but are perfect for exploring Dartmoor, Haldon Forest and the Tamar Trails.

Electrically assisted bikes

Electric bikes are perfect if you need need a little help cycling up Devon’s hills. Fitted with a small electric motor which kicks just when you need it, these bikes allow you to cycle with less effort, tackle bigger hills and cycle further than you otherwise could.