Cycling to school or work

Exeter Park and Cycle

Park & Cycle works in the same way as Park and Ride but with bicycles, and it’s completely free! Simply park your car in the Park & Cycle area, take out your bike and cycle the rest of the way to work. A valid permit will ensure you avoid incurring a penalty charge.

There are now Park & Cycle spaces at all Exeter Park and Ride sites. A limited number of lockers for secure bicycle storage are also available at Matford and Sowton Park and Ride sites.

If you would like a locker state this on your application and we will put your name on the waiting list and let you know when one becomes available.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form below and you will be contacted by a member of our team. We can only supply permits for people whose onward journey is outside the exclusion zone for each site. Check the maps before you apply:

For specific enquiries, contact and enter Park and Cycle Permits in the subject field or call 0345 155 1004.

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