Cycle training

Young people

If you are eleven years or older and have done Bikeability Level 2 you can do our free advanced cycling course. We’ll teach you  road skills that you’d normally only learn when you start driving lessons.

What to do

  • Find one or two friends – we do the training in groups of no more than three so you can do it with your friends
  • Get permission from your parents
  • Email to request your training
  • Or join one of our holiday courses!

“I’m an experienced rider, but I learnt new things when I did Bikeability. Cycling is fantastic way to visit friends, pop into town or get to school. Riding a bike gives you freedom and Bikeability is the start of your journey, so get trained now!”
Andrei Burton Devon County Council Bikeability ambassador and world-class trials rider.

Tell us how we did

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