Cycle training



Bikeability is available free of charge for all schools in Devon (excluding Torbay and Plymouth) through Devon County Council. Bikeability is accessible for all children and all schools including academies and special schools.

Level 2 (includes Level 1 -basic cycle skills in an off-road area) is for children aged nine and older and provides a real cycling experience on quiet roads.

Level 3 is for children aged 11 and older, who have completed Level 2. Level 3 training will:

  • build on Bikeability Level 1 and 2 skills
  • explore the route options the journeys the child wants to make e.g. cycling to school
  • encourage cycling in a position which will make them more noticeable to motorists
  • teach how to deal with specific junctions

Request FREE Bikeability Level 2 or 3 training in your school 


After your school has had training please spend a couple of minutes giving us feedback. Thanks!

Go to Cycle Training for Children & Young People for details of our cycle training holiday courses