Lock it don’t lose it

Half a million bikes are stolen every year in England and only about a fifth are reported to the Police.

Devon does not feature in the Top 10 of UK bike theft hotspots from 2010 however there are many bikes stolen in Devon and in particular in Exeter.

Our local Police Community Support Officer provided some useful websites and told Cycle Devon the following:

“We regularly see some awful examples of locks and methods of locking around the city (Exeter) centre. Even when people invest in a decent D-lock they mostly just put it around the top tube and rack and leave all the parts/wheels vulnerable.

I would say that I am unaware of a bike with a sold-secure d-lock being taken in Exeter city centre in the last few years whether bronze, silver or gold. Although we would suggest gold as being the best option. Weight does put people off. ”

In summary, love your bike don’t lose it.