Progress update – October 2017

The construction phase started on 2 October, with vegetation clearance being carried out that week. This was overseen by ecologists to make sure that protected species were not disturbed, and involved the removal of the hedge where the new access to the Monkerton development will be built.

During the week commencing on 9 October, the Contractor’s compound was set up on land adjacent to Cumberland Way. This is where the welfare facilities are located and where most of the materials and plant will be stored.

From 16 October, construction has been underway on the highway with work currently being carried out in two different locations on the site:

  • On Pinhoe Road, where the existing island is being narrowed. The old island is being excavated and the new, re-aligned, island is due to be installed soon.
  • On Cumberland Way, where the work is being carried out on the east side of the road at the junction with Hollow Lane.

Further updates on the progress of construction will be posted on the website on a monthly basis, with the next planned for mid-November.