This bi-directional cycle route will between 2.5 and 3 m wide to enable for two-way cycle traffic and overtaking when clear. The path is separated from the traffic by a 0.5m wide, kerbed buffer island to protect cyclists from passing vehicles. Pedestrians will be on a level separated path alongside the cycle track.

Short sections of shared use paths (pedestrian and cycles) are incorporated where necessary, for example, at crossings and junctions, however, these are wide to minimise conflict and transitions are obvious for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists across all side roads, except for Pilton Lane, which has the potential to be closed to through traffic at a later date.  At this junction, pedestrian and cycle traffic will be expected to give way, however low traffic flows and the one-way system are deemed to make this acceptable.

At each end of the scheme and at multiple points along the route, the proposed bi-directional cycle track links in with existing and proposed shared use paths.  This connectivity ensures that the proposals are accessible and functional in the short and long term.

The following maps can be viewed which provide scheme details: