Progress update November 2017

Construction is progressing as planned, to programme, and the segregated bi-directional cycle track on Cumberland Way is starting to take shape.

Hollow Lane has been temporarily closed for the past few weeks to enable path widening, carriageway realignment at the junction, and alterations to the Toucan Crossing to progress.

The carriageway in this area will be surfaced overnight. The work, including the road hump at the Hollow Lane junction, had been planned to start on 22 November, but this had to be postponed because of bad weather. It will now take place during the nights of 23 and 24 November. This means that Hollow Lane will be reopened on 25 November, instead of at 6pm on 24 November.

Arrangements during the closure, including stop-go boards during am and pm peak periods, as agreed with Ellen Tinkham School, have been working well. A temporary push-button crossing of Cumberland Way has also been in place while the permanent crossing is out of action.

Elsewhere on the site, progress has included:

  • Removal of road markings on Cumberland Way and Pinhoe Road, and installation of some new road markings
  • Carriageway on Pinhoe Road has been widened past the long traffic island
  • The traffic island on Pinhoe Road, near the Venny Bridge junction, has been moved
  • Path realignment and widening near Hollow Lane
  • Minor carriageway realignment at the roundabout

Over the next few weeks, work will continue moving northwards on Cumberland Way, (towards Sainsbury’s) with earthworks at the new junction into the Monkerton Farm development starting soon.