What is create/innovate?

First and foremost Create and Innovate is about thinking differently facilitated through experimentation, discovery, play, learning and reflection.

Create / Innovate aims to raise awareness and practical exposure to creativity, innovation and service design within the Council.  It is also aims to challenge and shift current thinking and cultures within the organisation and start to promote a more permissive approach and foster a new internal climate of creativity and innovation helping the council to address immediate and future challenges.

It aims to build upon and extend the reach  and impact of existing work in the council such as Future Landscape and the use of social and digital media through the DCC Social Media Forum.

What will you do differently?

All staff will be encouraged to participate and get involved in Create / Innovate Month in a variety of ways from actively engaging in policy or content hacks, being inspired through videos of international speakers and practitioners and simply being given the space to think differently. For a full list of activities planned so far see below, however we would encourage each service area to think about what they will do differently during the month of June.

This year we are encouraging people to sign up to the Innovation 500

Innovation 500 is a curated/facilitated first step into the Change Academy – by signing up to the Innovation 500 you are committing to 6 hours of self directed learning and reflection over 6 months around innovation and creativity – on average 1 hour per month.

Through Innovation 500 we hope to connect people from across Devon to share good ideas and inspire action. This is our opportunity to promote positive action that will become part of the Re:Work Devon story of how local services are changing. Let’s give each other the permission to do something better.




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