Total Communications Now

The Total Communication Now Project is an innovative new service available at the Passmore Edwards Centre in Newton Abbot and the Paignton Library and Information Service in Paignton.

What is Total Communication Now?

The Total Communication Now project offers practical advice and support to anyone with a communication disability, carers, parents or organisations. The main aims are to develop visual resources to support people who have difficulties expressing themselves or understanding others, and to support local businesses or organisations to increase their accessibility to customers and clients.

Come along to our session to:

  • Learn more about Total Communication Now and the project
  • Find out about communication friendly service environments
  • ¬†ee examples of how individuals have already been supported
  • Find out how organisations and businesses are making their services more inclusive

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  1. I have just been in Paignton library and saw your resource for people with communication difficulties on their desk. I was so happy to see this…I know of many people who this would benefit enormously and raising awareness and helping people access services with staff having an understanding of their needs is vital:) Keep up the good work!!

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